• 6 JCB Fastracs and KRM K105 and K110XE Bredal spreaders. Each with it’s own Quick hitch and loader or JCB Telehandler to run as a self contained unit.
  • 2 John Deere and Bunning Lowlander HD230
  • 7 Vredo VT4556 and tebbe spreaders in partnership with Anglian Water
  • 6 JCB JS130 Diggers
  • 6 JCB 3230 Fastracs + 1 backup
  • 2 Dedicated Haulage partners

Fertiliser Spreading

JSE Systems run a fleet of k105 and k110XE bredal belt fed spreaders. These high capacity machines (10t), run on the largest tyres the machines can support to minimise ground pressure. Each rig has a dedicated driver to maintain the equipment and the high standards JSE-Systems demand. The k105 Spreaders have all been modified in house by JSE-Systems to include 12m curtain sided booms. The k110XE spreader has an 8m wide rear boom with the discs located at the end of this boom it allows the to spread at 24m wide. This aids the delivery of product and allows better accurate spreading of ash based fertilisers, gypsum and lime products. 

Bunning Spreaders

These 2 distinctive black and yellow Bunning Lowlander®HD230, with 20 tonne load capacities come; c/w sprung draw bar, guillotine slurry door and twin large capacity spinning discs, capable of spreading poultry littler, FYM, Compost, Lime & Gypsum based products and Biosolids evenly and accurately to 24m. 

Fully Loaded

These are a truly outstanding workhorse, the Lowlander HD230 model is unmatched in its class for strength, reliability and performance. With an internal body width of 1600mm and fitted with tyres, the machine is under 3 metres wide on the road.

Fitted with 2 horizontal beaters and spinning discs, loads are dispersed quickly, accurately and finely shred. With a 22.8 cubic metre capacity body; with built-in flared extension sides, 18 tonne axle and high load tyres, complete with a fully welded construction ensures confidence and reliability when on hire.

 Click here for more information on Bunning Lowlander Spreaders.


JSE has invested heavily in technology over the years, to better its service to customers year on year. Using the latest in Trimble guidance technology, we are able to apply product to land accurately and efficiently across both fertiliser and FYM products.

Our fertiliser can be applied using variable rate application (VRA). To do this we work with a number of soil mapping providers and the detailed files they produce. 

Equipment available for hire

Yes we hire equipment too, our equipment is self drive or inclusive of trained operators. Check out the list below and contact us for more information 01400 230130

  • JCB JS130 excavators 
  • JCB Telehandlers 7 to 12 m reach 
  • JCB 3230 Fastrac
  • JCB 8330 Fastrac
  • JPM 2 or 3 axle fast tow low loaders

Biosolids Spreading

JSE-Systems Ltd are the sole spreading contractors appointed to spread Anglian Water’s ‘nutri-bio’ biosolids cake, across the Anglian Water region. Click here for more information on Anglian Water’s ‘nutri-bio’.