What is P-Grow

P-grow is a sustainable fertiliser that releases phosphate gradually as the crop requires it. P-grow is not easily leached and can be applied at any time of the year. Saving valuable time at peak periods. 

P-grow is a concentrated multi-nutrient compound fertiliser. Produced in the UK, it is made from a sustainable and renewable fuel from Meat and Bone Meal (MBM), that is burned to generate electricity, leaving a nutrient-rich by product. This is done in state of the art power stations in the UK, producing green electricity for Britain. P-grow is rich in phosphate and contains many secondary and trace elements. P-grow is available to all crops and will raise soil phosphate indices. 

P- grow is a valuable source of immediately available and long-term forms of phosphate. It also contains useful amounts of secondary nutrients and trace elements.

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What are the benefits

P-grow puts back the major, secondary and trace nutrients to help maintain healthy soils for today’s and tomorrow’s farming needs.

  • An ideal Phosphate fertiliser for use across the farm
  • Phosphate releases throughout the growing season, optimising crop growth
  • Consistent, well-established and proven product for over 25 years
  • Entirely produced in the UK
  • Applied by our experienced team, it gives you more time at busy periods
  • Contains valuable secondary elements – Magnesium, Sulphur, Calcium, Sodium
  • Contains a wide range of trace elements at no extra cost
  • Competitively priced
  • Environmentally friendly and derived from renewable sources

Whats in P-grow...

P-grow contains the full range of secondary and trace elements needed by crops.  Deficiencies of Manganese, Boron and Copper are most common. 

P-grow also contains trace elements in the following amounts, Parts per Million (ppm)

Iron 2000ppm, Copper 90ppm, Zinc 400ppm, Manganese 90ppm

How is P-grow applied?

JSE-Systems operate a fleet of trailed, belt fed fertiliser spreaders which enable the material to be positively delivered to the spreader discs. rate adjustment is easily achievable and 12 metre bout widths are standard; improved accuracy facilitated by the addition of wind deflector booms to the spreaders.

a) apply to pasture where stock are grazing.
b) re-introduce stock whilst product is visible on forage.
c) re-introduce stock within two weeks of application.

Ordering P-grow

As Fibrophos is the resultant product once deep litter poultry manure has been burnt in power stations, the quantity is limited. This availability has been further pressurised by recent price inflation with bagged P & K fertiliser, widening the price gap, making Fibrophos a more attractive commercial product.  With contract applications suited to certain times of year, please enquire early to avoid disappointment.

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