In the Beginning...

We are the trading name of Les Johnson & Partners, who have been specialists in supplying, delivering and spreading bulk fertilisers and lime based products across Lincolnshire and the East Midlands for over 25 years.

Les Johnson started contract lime spreading in the late 1970s as a diversification from his small family farm. He progressed from spreading ground lime and sugar factory lime into the full service of soil- testing, supply and spreading.

Low ground pressure machines were next on the agenda and he was the first user of these on a commercial basis in the area for both spreading fertiliser and LGP spraying.

A Growing Business

A solid client base was built up and over the next twenty years, the work grew steadily with three full time staff joining the business and casual staff at peak times. During this time he became aware of a pilot scheme to generate electrical power from poultry litter which would result in an ash product rich in Phosphate and Potash. He was at the forefront of this development and became a main agent for the sales and distribution of this fertiliser branded as Fibrophos.

From zero sales in the fertiliser market he was soon covering many thousands of acres for enthusiastic farmers.

In 1999 Les Johnson and Deanne his wife were joined by his son Nik. Les Johnson and Partners was now formed to carry on the business.

Nik attained a degree in marketing at Newcastle University; he then spent a year working in the USA on contract farm operations.  After joining LJ&P, the first few years were occupied building his personal client base with new customers. He also worked all the various machinery and spent time learning every facet of the business.

A large increase in the fertiliser sales other than Fibrophos enabled the partnership to grow its business and expand into sugar beet and specialist crop fertiliser sales. A contract with Anglian Water to spread bio solids over land in several counties followed. A further contract with Anglian Water to develop and spread bio pellets was also won.

Incorporation & Re-naming

A fast growing business, fertiliser importing and increased staff levels especially during peak periods meant that over twenty employees would be working at times, with the risks involved and the amount of turnover now generated it was decided in 2009 to incorporate the business and re-name it as ‘JSE-Systems Ltd’ to give it further security, transparency and credibility; with JSE standing for ‘Johnson’s Soil Eco-Systems’.

Two sales managers, a secretary and increased farm staff are now all employed by JSE-Systems with Nik being the Managing Director, allowing Les to spend a bit more time shooting with many old customers that have now become firm friends.